Please expect slower than normal processing and delivery times due to the limited number of staff allowed to work in shipment warehouses and courier companies because of social distancing guidelines. We are doing all doing our best and we appreciate your support and patience.

What is Zasttra's phone number?

We're not available telephonically but we personally respond to every email, usually within a day and frequently less.

You may also contact sellers directly on Zasttra product products.

Since Zasttra is a marketplace, not an online shop, Sellers run their own store and you're buying directly from them.

To message the store owner: go to one of their product pages or their store page. In the sidebar, you'll see a green button that says "Contact Seller". Click that to send a message directly to them, and they will then reply directly to you.

Contact Zasttra Seller

To learn how to buy, please click here to learn how to place orders:

For direct queries to Zasttra, please email to