Please note that all outstanding orders have been shipped and our help desk will remain open. We are all doing our best and we appreciate your support and patience. We thank you so much for being a Zasttra member and customer.

Give us more clarity regarding processing orders, and payouts

You are required to ship ordered products directly to the customer and then enter the tracking details on the order when you ship it. This way, the customer will be notified and our systems can also update the buyer on the location of their order.

You can also contact the customer directly because the buyer is your customer to arrange any special delivery arrangements.

Payment is made out to your Payfast account when the payout amount is over R1000 every Thursday/Friday for shipped items ONLY. Please note that the payment is also only released by our system 7 days after shipping details as been added as this gives the customer enough time to receive their goods.

Zasttra will make a payout into your payfast account which you can set up if you sign in to your account, then click "PROFILE >  "PAYMENT DETAILS" > Then enter your payfast payment details.

To process orders, go you ORDERS > ORDER LISTINGS > click the 3 dots under action, then "VIEW" >  Scroll to the bottom and click fulfill. To avoid any delays with your payout, ensure that you add the tracking details and the correct tracking links

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